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Comprehensive Outlook Express recovery service for damaged Outlook Express folders

If the Outlook Express emails folder is empty, you need to upload the damaged *.dbx file to our service and download the recovered emails moments later. Our Outlook Express repair service will restore the maximum of data from the DBX file containing emails in Outlook Express.

Capabilities of this Outlook Express inbox.dbx repair service tool:

  • Recovers emails from .dbx files of Outlook Express 5.0/5.5/6.0
  • Uses a combination of several algorithms to ensure the maximum efficiency of the Outlook Express DBX extract process
  • Checks the integrity of emails before saving them
  • Restores emails without binding to identities
  • Recovers emails from password-protected identities
  • Recovers emails with attachments
  • Recovers email formatting and encoding
  • Low cost of recovery

Our Outlook Express DBX recovery service enables you to fix the following Outlook Express errors:

  • Folder could not be displayed.
  • Message could not be displayed.
  • Outlook Express Error 0x800420CB: "Message Could Not Be Opened From Outbox Folder"
  • Outlook express could not open this folder. Possible causes are: Low disk space. Low memory.
  • The service does not restore deleted emails
  • The "Folders.dbx" file does not contain emails, do not attempt to recover data from it

How to repair Outlook Express inbox.dbx file?

You no longer need to install special programs for restoring damaged Outlook Express message files. Just upload a damaged file to our service.

To find the location of the necessary DBX file, you need to:

  1. Start Outlook Express
  2. Select "Tools | Options..." from the main menu
  3. Switch to the "Maintenance" tab
  4. Click the "Store Folder..." button
  5. Select the path to the *.dbx files and click Ctrl+C
  6. Open Windows Explorer and paste the path into the address bar using the Ctrl+V combination, then press Enter

Now you know where Outlook message files are stored.

How to restore an OE DBX file?

In order to restore a DBX file using our Outlook Express DBX recovery service, you need to do the following:

  1. Extract all messages from a DBX file and save them in the *.eml format on the hard drive
  2. Move or delete a corrupted DBX file from the folder where Outlook Express places it. For example, you may need to create a backup folder and drag and drop the Inbox.dbx file there in case it's corrupted.
  3. Launch Outlook Express and click the previously damaged folder in the folder tree on the left panel - for example, the Inbox folder. Outlook Express will automatically create a new file with the necessary name - for instance, Inbox.dbx
  4. In Windows Explorer, select all email files saved in the .eml format and drag them into the new folder created by Outlook Express - for example, the Inbox folder