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How to repair AI file data damaged after a system crash?

Upload and restore your damaged *.ai files in just a couple of clicks. Just upload a corrupted Illustrator project to our website, and the service will automatically restore the lost data using a combination of special intelligent algorithms.

Capabilities of this AI file repair service:

  • Recovers *.ai files of all versions of Adobe Illustrator;
  • Uses several advanced recovery algorithms for maximizing the amount of data restore from the damaged file;
  • Does not require high-speed computers and servers for corrupt Illustrator file recovery;
  • Uses reliable SSL encryption to protect data from being intercepted during transmission;
  • Does not depend on the user's operating systems;
  • Low cost per *.ai file recovery;
  • Does not require special programs to be installed on the user's computer.

How to repair AI file online?

How to repair Illustrator file damaged after a system crash without special knowledge? Just upload a damaged Adobe Illustrator project to our service. Just one click - and you will be able to see what elements can be restored from the corrupted file. You will no longer need a special AI file recovery program for Adobe Illustrator recovery of damaged files, since all the work will be performed on the server.

Apart from Adobe Illustrator repair of damaged files, the service enables you to fix errors related to incorrect data in Adobe Illustrator *.ai files, such as:

  • Can't open the illustration. The illustration contains an illegal operand.
  • The file is damaged and could not be repaired.
  • An unknown error has occurred.
  • Can't open the illustration. The illustration contains an incomplete or garbed object description.
  • Not enough memory to open illustration.
Notice: the online service does not recover password-protected files.