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Online recovery of damaged files and documents

An online service for recovering corrupted documents and files of the following types:

repair access
repair autocad
repair coreldraw
repair dbf
repair excel
repair illustrator
repair photoshop
repair project
repair outlook express
repair pdf
repair powerpoint
repair word

“Son los mejores, tenía un archivo en illustrator dañado y lo puse a correr online aquí y me decía que estaba muy dañado para recuperar. Así que escribí al correo y en pocas horas me enviaron mi archivo reparado. Son los mejores!”

Natalia 26-11-2021

“Very fast and very helpfull”

Peter Rothbart 17-11-2021

“ok, thanks”

nislon 31-10-2021

“Great, I managed to get my files back XD”

jmanuel 10-10-2021

“thank you”

bach 04-10-2021

“Recovered damaged photos that were archived on a USB flash drive”

Maiara 30-09-2021


Anxel 28-09-2021


c 24-08-2021

“Great service! Saved me hours of headache, highly recommended!”

Justin 24-08-2021


moose 21-08-2021

“So helpful! Thank you so much! So that I don't have to retype the corrupt file again.”

Dia 18-08-2021


c-webb 16-08-2021


Vuk 16-08-2021


elma 13-08-2021

“Thank you! appreciate it”

Myza 19-06-2021


morski66 16-06-2021

“Really good service, thank you so much !”

Ngoc 13-06-2021

“Thank you for this restoration! A little advice to improve the service: it would be interesting for your customers to have the possibility of at least partial preview of the restored files before the payment of the fees. Paying blind must frighten more than one ...”

AARES 09-06-2021


marcos fajardo 07-06-2021

“working fine”

elad44545 18-05-2021

“In a hurry, I downloaded your offline program and immediately started to repair my file. I started to worry about my file, since I didn’t know yet that the software didn’t edit the original file. I received a separate repaired version of the file.”

Clarence Glenn 28-04-2021


lemore/rakman 27-04-2021

“Damn how I prayed that the information needed was not damaged. My required sheet has been restored, all account details have been received. The rest of the information was about the rights of the parties, which I don't even need at all.”

Randall Decker 27-04-2021

“Gradually MS Project is losing data. At first I thought it was me who accidentally deleted a couple of tasks from the schedule. But soon the file was completely covered, it was not possible to open it. After the restoration, several automatic "disappeared" tasks were returned, but not all. I made a backup just in case.”

Byron Molina 27-04-2021

“Wow this really works”

Babushka 25-04-2021

“I have to admit that the demo version is very good, I perfectly recover all the written data and thanks to that I never have to do it all over again, compared to other demos this is the best, because others cover the entire screen and they don't let you see or access the text data, thank you very much, you have a good demo”

Chi_lu_i 20-04-2021

“I am so grateful to this site! I've been focused on writing a play and didn't think about backing it up. :-( So when the file turned out to be corrupt, I panicked. My local computer guru turned me on to your site -- and it was fixed! Thank you so much!”

Karen 20-04-2021

“Restoring damaged PowerPoint 2010 files took less than 5 minutes. It's even better than installing software.”

Natalee Larson 14-04-2021

“Some kind of advanced file repair turned out, one .ai file and several .pdf files. The complete drawing turned out to be after several conversions from pdf to ai.”

Adriana 13-04-2021

“Finally, the correpted document has been repaired. I do not believe in that. Why didn't I find you before. Deadline right now, in 10 minutes I go to the audience.”

Brynn Charles, MIT 07-04-2021

“The recovery funcion built into AutoCAD does not help in any way. Guys, can you suggest your solution for AutoCAD, because your software fixed my file. The speed of repair wishes for the best.”

Rayna Potts 06-04-2021

“Having problems with the acrobat pdf file format, the file is corrupted and cannot be repaired, and it opens and does not show the content. The service has fixed the file with minor changes, some images have moved down to the end of the book.”

Carlos Cline 05-04-2021

“I was unable to recover my file as it was password protected. Guys, I sent you my password file in your mail, I'm waiting for your answer. The previous file was repaired successfully.”

Korbin Hays 05-04-2021

“I have always told colleagues that storing a bitmap in a vector .cdr file is a very bad idea. My words were subjected to your online service, where we received the repaired file. In the file, all vector graphics were in place, but the bitmaps contained noise.”

Gillian Howard 05-04-2021

“I repaired the price list document with links to the product, only the hyperlinks were restored as text. A strange moment, we could have made a link, since the test and the link are the same.”

Evie Cardenas 04-04-2021

“This a very good software, matchless, outstanding, any one can use this, thanks for free trial.”

Shailendra 28-03-2021

“That Nice”

rogj 26-03-2021

“I found my old email and extracted the .PSD files from there. Some did not open anymore, as some data was lost. I admit honestly, I have not paid for any of the files I have uploaded, since I no longer need them. I just looked at the previews and felt nostalgic for them.”

Grady Woodward 25-03-2021

“Is there an option to get the file in MS Word 2007 format? I got a docx file, but I need a doc file. Please send my file "Requirements Rapid Elevators.doc" by mail in DOC format.”

Adrienne Whitaker 23-03-2021

“It is very annoying that after the recovery I had to dig into the recovered_media folders and the file extension for me to understand what this format is .png or .jpeg. The presentation has been repaired with all the slides and texts, I just had to add pictures there.”

Orion Hancock 23-03-2021

“Illustrator files were accidentally damaged when the process of moving data from HDD to SDD was started. Some files could not be restored, but most of them returned to their original working form.”

Grady Armstrong 23-03-2021

“Very Good”

Bidyut 22-03-2021

“Several elements of the drawing were deleted in the restored file, it is good that the texts and sizes of these elements remained. It was possible to restore the entire drawing after several changes.”

Jesus Mcpherson 17-03-2021

“Fixed the damaged PDF, the last two sheets in the document were very significant, as there was a signature and a seal. Thanks.”

Cheyanne Nixon 16-03-2021

“Add a "Pay with Google Pay" or "Apple pay" button on the checkout page. It is inconvenient to enter card data from the phone.”

Nehemiah Alvarado 16-03-2021

“Thanks for rolling back my file for the old version of CorelDraw. Hello support, I am the client who wrote to you that CorelDraw doesnt open repaired file. The file only opened in version x5”

Bo Glass 16-03-2021

“Finally, I was able to access the data of the corupted Excel file. Not everything is perfect, somewhere the cells were puffed up. But most of the data still survived.”

Amya Parsons 15-03-2021

“great service!”

anonimo 13-03-2021


Ak 11-03-2021

“Unfortunately, repair the AutoCAD 2008 file fail, the system immediately wrote that the file could not be recovered. AutoCAD 2018 file has been successfully fixed.”

Keyon Hanna 03-03-2021

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