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Online recovery of damaged files and documents

An online service for recovering corrupted documents and files of the following types:


“Easy, fast and efficient. Thank you”

Jicé25 14-05-2020

“I forced the program to close because Photoshop crashed. As a result, I received a damaged .PSD file with an error that the version of the Photoshop file is not compatible with this version of Photoshop. The service helped me repair my damaged project, but it took longer. File size ~ 700MB.”

Abattoir 05-05-2020

“Microsoft Project freezes when saving a file. He closed the program forcibly and tried to open it again, but Project says that the .MPP file is corrupted. Using this service, my .MPP file was successfully restored. New tasks were partially restored, and those tasks (from the previous version of the file) that were deleted by me before saving were also restored.”

StringChiari 04-05-2020

“Adobe Reader unable to open the file, the .PDF file is damaged. After restoring damaged .PDF file, I see that my file contains only one page, and in preview I have completely recovered documents;”

Chuvash 30-04-2020

“Adobe Illustrator failed to save the file, resulting in a damaged file. After restoring a corrupt .AI file, I was able to see a preview of the restored file without Adobe Illustrator. As it turned out, he returned the old version of the file, and simply did not save the new one.”

Ainazik 30-04-2020

“It was able to get the data but did not recover the labels on the rows and columns..”

Brian 24-04-2020

“I have receivedt my damaged Word document quicly”

anre67 15-04-2020

“Recovered a big PS project, however the file provided wouldn't save due to "program error". Tried many things, eventually switched all layers one by one onto a new document and it saved. Too expensive for a glitchy automated service but glad my project got recovered.”

danielle 15-04-2020

“I could not save my CorelDraw document, and CorelDraw 13 closed automatically without any messages, as a result I received a damaged .CDR file. After downloading the damaged file, I saw that CorelDraw did not save my work, which I want to save. But I restored the .CDR file with the work that I did before saving.”

Forxt 14-04-2020

“Good service and price tag humane, fast restored damaged pdf file. Before that I tried using other tools, it didn’t work. I recommend.”

Николай.Н 07-04-2020

““This is one of the best sites for repair a damaged PowerPoint documents. It was recovered all my slides, and most importantly charts from corrupted .PPTX file. Definitely, 5 stars, good job!””

Entuire 06-04-2020

“great work ! :-)”

Gernot 02-04-2020

“When I open file in AutoCAD 2006 appears window "The drawing file requires recovery" and after press "Recover" button, its crashes and close program. Other files open successfully. In demo version of your program I could see recovered drawing, but can you guaranties that properties also will recovered correctly? My .DWG file contains many shapes.”

BlugSpension 01-04-2020

“Unable to open a CorelDraw file I just saved, it opens as a blank page or not opening at all. Why CorelDraw file did not open if it is saved correctly? Reinstall all CorelDraw package - still the same problem. I would delete it, but in the properties: width, height, file size, it matches the original well. In web, you have good price which I found and can recovery online without install program on computer.”

ZloiDoc 04-03-2020

“Usually, when I save the MS Project plan, I select "Save as Microsoft Project 2007 (* .mpp)", but today I get the error "Project cannot recognize this file format" when I try to open the file again. In the support forum, any .mpp recovery method is based on the fact that you had to back up the file before. I was able to recover only one file, the second file with a password, can I send you a password so that you can recover, please respond.”

Tecnitoca 01-03-2020

“In AutoCAD 2010, the "Must re_cover" error appears, after fixing it using the AutoCAD native tool, I see the drawing for several seconds, and the drawing disappears with the same error. I was able to return the file to the previous version of .DWG, but some sizes of the objects in the drawing were changed. I had to re-drive dimensions for some objects. +recovered; -some object's size changed”

TrickyGood 01-03-2020

“After trying to change the table structure using a third-party program, my database became corrupted. Now, when opening a file in Microsoft Access, it throws an error like "an unrecognized database format." Several tables were restored by using this site, but not the entire database. Failed to restore macros and forms.”

unwarlikestep 28-02-2020

“I was able to recover a file that could not be saved in Adobe Illustrator due to a program crash. BUT in my file, each mask has become large, and some fonts have changed ... Any way, this method save my time which I will spend on the Adobe support forum.”

dariolemix 28-02-2020

“Why your PowerPoint fixer does not fully repair a .ppt file. I open a recovered file in Microsoft PowerPoint and saw only a few slides, it's about 1/3 my work!!!”

RaptorUS 25-02-2020

“I needed the contact information of a foreign company that was corrupted by a PDF document. When opening in Adobe PDF, an error occurred: "A damaged file cannot be restored or opened." This online repair service helped me in the “demo” version to see the title of my document when it opened a damaged PDF file. Lifehack how to open for free, thanks)”

SumiyaAR 25-02-2020

“Photoshop saved and after the file has become corrupted. I tried to return it, but unfortunately to no avail. I spend $10 to recover PSD corrupted file, but some layers not been recover. Can you help me, maybe u can recover 100% of my file manually, please contact me via email”

MoonDsgn 25-02-2020

“It can repair 2019 Word file.”

Sivakumar 15-02-2020

“Great damaged file recovery service”

phil 26-01-2020

“Super !”

Mandy 20-01-2020

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