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Online recovery of damaged files and documents

An online service for recovering corrupted documents and files of the following types:


“Why your PowerPoint fixer does not fully repair a .ppt file. I open a recovered file in Microsoft PowerPoint and saw only a few slides, it's about 1/3 my work!!!”

RaptorUS 25-02-2020

“I needed the contact information of a foreign company that was corrupted by a PDF document. When opening in Adobe PDF, an error occurred: "A damaged file cannot be restored or opened." This online repair service helped me in the “demo” version to see the title of my document when it opened a damaged PDF file. Lifehack how to open for free, thanks)”

SumiyaAR 25-02-2020

“Photoshop saved and after the file has become corrupted. I tried to return it, but unfortunately to no avail. I spend $10 to recover PSD corrupted file, but some layers not been recover. Can you help me, maybe u can recover 100% of my file manually, please contact me via email”

MoonDsgn 25-02-2020

“It can repair 2019 Word file.”

Sivakumar 15-02-2020

“Great damaged file recovery service”

phil 26-01-2020

“Super !”

Mandy 20-01-2020

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