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Online recovery of damaged files and documents

An online service for recovering corrupted documents and files of the following types:

repair access
repair autocad
repair coreldraw
repair dbf
repair excel
repair illustrator
repair photoshop
repair project
repair outlook express
repair pdf
repair powerpoint
repair word

“Ok. Good repair service.”

Meg 28-11-2020

“Very Goood online repair soft”

Jomi Bamikole 26-11-2020

“Too good”

Edson 15-11-2020

“Very good”

Vinicius 31-10-2020


Josefjfjddddf12113 21-10-2020

“Two weeks before taxes were due my accountant called and said the PDF of all my tax stuff was unreadable. WHAT? How is that possible? I was lucky enough to find this app. Their Preview recovered the most pages of the competition. It was also the cheapest. ”

zombo 11-10-2020


Rajveer Mourya 30-09-2020


Jorge Antonio 03-09-2020

“Tried and it fixed my Excel report possible”

ВеселыйВ 27-08-2020

“Damn guys, are you serious? don't have an offline repair software? While I was waiting for the process of downloading the source file, I almost died, it's good at least the Internet is good. Keep 5 for fixing the file. P.S your progress bar is strange, it moves like wild back and forth”

Callan August 12-08-2020

“I get repaired Word documents one of which was Word 2007 and the first page was replaced with "???" characters, the rest of the pages are correct”

Jericho Archer 11-08-2020

“Can I send you my Power-Point file with a password? Since when I boot it says that "boot failure". I know the password for the file, but I cannot open it, it is damaged”

Kayden Wynter 11-08-2020

“Illustrator drawing has been corrupted by a plugin. I tried all the ways to solve the problems that were proposed on the forum. And which I was able to do myself, it's a pity to no avail. I didn't want to pay, but I had to because the deadline was close. Rebuilding was a little expensive for me ($14).”

Jaziel Damian 11-08-2020

“hi i would like to thank you for recovering some of my data . but unfortunately it was not enough for me . I would like to know if there is any way to repair all the data from Excel .Please let me know. Ceylan”

ceylan 10-08-2020

“Retrieving of a damaged Microsoft Project file was a little difficult, since the process bar in the second step froze and, as a result, I had to re-upload the file. Two letters were sent to the mail about the restoration of the file, the strange thing is that the first file got stuck, but fixed, and the second immediately repaired and showed a preview.”

Martin CA 10-08-2020

“The condition for successful repair is to install the program on your computer as required on your website. So I did, but the problem with the damaged file was only partially solved. The file fixed 80%, while I noticed that the elements of the picture moved”

Keilani Hunter 10-08-2020

“Heck! Copied the .PDF file with the same name and aborted 10% copying. The result was an overwritten file with errors that did not want to open. The service restored all the old pages of the PDF file, starting from page 3.”

Gravamen 04-08-2020

“Damn guys, you came up with such a cool service and knew that .CDR files would be very large, so the recovery speed is slow. Only because they were able to restore my file I put 5. Horror, I waited a whole working day! Make a quick service”

Kasen Ricky 04-08-2020

“I repaired all 3 sheets in the document, it's a pity that the cell formatting was not saved”

Yael Ayaan 04-08-2020

“Excellent! I get back data after repaired damaged workbook Excel 2007. Fixing process token about 5 minutes. Thanks for the service”

NewbiedFrowst 01-08-2020


abdouu 26-07-2020

“I have a .DWG file that I always need to recover. AutoCAD allows this behavior, as they write on the forum, but forgive us what to do in this case? I uploaded the file here and forgot about it as the repair process stuck. Only after check my mail, I saw a notification about the correction of my file. It is difficult to say that the file was repaired in good condition, as some lines in the drawing changed directions, it is easy to fix, but some line were not restored. Based on the AutoCAD forum, I put 5 stars, since they allow the removal of damaged elements in the drawing.””

ArchiConsilience 23-07-2020

“.CDR files getting corrupted after recovering them from a formatted hard drive. I downloaded three files at once, received one, and wait for the rest. Regarding the quality of restoration, I will say: not ideal, but tired, you can change the dimensions that have changed during the restoration process.”

Whatnot 21-07-2020

“I deleted Microsoft Project files from my hard drive, but I managed to get some of them back with defects. Not all info could be extracted because the Grantt diagram was not built correctly, but so far I have not found empty data”

Spoonerism 21-07-2020

“After updating Windows, I rolled the system back to the backup point. After which I cannot open my PDF books and some of them are completely lost. All files were repaired, the only thing I didn't like was the cost. Could make a discount for the 3rd and 4th file”

Canaille 21-07-2020

“When trying to open an Excel sheet error message this file is not in a recognizable format, .xlsx file wont open. After the service helped to fix errors in the file, it began to be printed on two sheets, before that it was printed on one sheet.”

Civility 20-07-2020

“The service is good! But my file was not 100% restored, my file weighed 17 KB and 13 KB was restored. Somewhat disappointed for this.”

Pablo 09-07-2020

“I am very glad that I was able to recover an non valid AutoCAD 2000i file. Due to the fact that the boss is a greedy person, you have to use the old version of AutoCAD with its problems.”

HoiPolloi 08-07-2020

“WHAT THE **CK is going with MS Word because I paid for a product that cannot recognize the encoding of the document from flash drive. The forum says that the file may be damaged if it does not automatically detect the encoding. I do not know how you can do this, but it really works, my file has been fixed with a few changes in the text, but it was repaired.”

Wiseacre 30-06-2020

“In Illustrator CC, the .ai file opens, but says it is not a readable file. This service help me repaired a damaged Illustrator file. As a result, I received two .ai and .pdf files, the last of which I had to convert to .ai format in another online service.”

Capuchin 30-06-2020

“PowerPoint says you need to restore the file because when I am opening this presentation, you get the error message "Part of the file is missing." After uploaded a damaged file, it was analyzed and errors were fixed. My presentation has been repaired, but without SmartApp objects.”

CosmismShneee 30-06-2020

“When I opened the AutoCAD 2005 file with AutoCAD 2019, the first thing that showed was a window with the Recover button. Even after the recovery mode, the file did not open, AutoCAD again showed this window. In the version of AutoCAD 2005 it is now also impossible to open this file, I even bring up the Recovery Toolbar. I uploaded the file to this site, received a fixed version, which opens only in AutoCAD 2005, in AutoCAD 2019 it again shows an error, I had to redraw everything to the new version”

Stirkfung123 24-06-2020

“I fixed the PDF error "this file is damaged and cannot be restored" by the website, but some pages in my document have changed their order”

Sialoquent 23-06-2020

“Due to the deleted drawing of CorelDraw, I had to roll back the system. But this .CDR file now needs to be restored, because when you open the file, CorelDraw opens it as an unnamed document. Practically everything was restored, but everything was restored in a heap.”

Trammel 23-06-2020

“I tried to transfer Project 2000 tasks to Project 2019, but this caused an error and now the file stopped opening in both versions of Project. To restore the file, I need to roll back the actions through the restore point. If not for this service, I would have done it and not for the fact that it would have helped. I simply refused this work and returned the restored version.”

Undinism 23-06-2020

“After the virus, my files were read-only, and after the virus was deleted, the files did not change, I can’t get access to edit them in MS Office Excel 2010. For verification, I restored one .XLS document, all data was restored in spreadsheet except cells with formula”

Pastille 22-06-2020

“Adobe Illustrator did not read a file that was saved with an error. After the fixed error, I get the restored .ai file with some layers missing.”

Krankenwagen 20-06-2020

“My file was damaged after a third-party program works with this file to crack a password. The program fixes problems with the .docx file well, but when I opened the document, I got plain text. My charts were recovered with incorrect data”

IRONCLAD 20-06-2020

“Online repair service is troubleshooting .ppt file fast, I recovered information from unreadable PowerPoint file. But recovered presentation little different because durations of animation set 1 seconds for every effects”

Kyriolexy 20-06-2020

“I was able to restore the broken .PSD file to the last save state, but some texts and lines were restored in raster format”

REMEABLE 17-06-2020

“Suddenly, my .DWG file, which was transferred to another computer through a removable device, began to show errors when opening. The program runs so slowly that my drawing recovered to a stable previous version in about 4 hours !!!”

Boondoggle 11-06-2020

“The service is good 4/5, it helped restore the previous stable version of the plan in Microsoft Project 2010, which unable to opened due to damage. Restoration is quick, but check all your tasks because my tasks were restored in different order”

Graphomania 10-06-2020

“When I drag and drop the page I get this error: "An incorrect structure was found in the PDF file" and it will not move the page. After I received the recovered Result.pdf file, the image pages were dragged to the end of the document.”

Spoonerism 09-06-2020

“When I clicked on the "Save" button, an error message appeared related to the plugin, while CorelDraw was saving the file, it crashed. Now my .CDR file won't open. After recover, I get recovered file with changed parameters of some layers. Any way, my file was recovered about 80%”

Secreta 09-06-2020

“Adobe Photoshop file data is corrupted because my .PSD file does not open. I do not understand how this could happen, the file size has not changed, and the file, after displaying the error, opened an empty sheet. After uploading the file to the site, the error was fixed, Photoshop no longer swore at the lost data and opened the file without errors.”

Jerkinwar08 04-06-2020

“Illustrator saving with errors over a file, and I can not return to my old file. I tried to repair the Illustrator file, but unfortunately it was only 80% restored. The rest had to be finished manually.”

Ossiferous 02-06-2020

“I could find and recover an unsaved PowerPoint file, but when I want to open it, an error appears. After the recovery process, a couple of slides are missing in the fixed file.”

Ratatouille 02-06-2020

“For me, MS Word does not recognize the encoding of the .RTF file, which is why it allows me to choose the encoding format myself, but none of them are suitable. After restoration through the online service, the figures and diagrams disappeared in the file. I had to drag all the drawings and diagrams from the damaged file into the new restored file.”

Leviathan 02-06-2020

“Easy, fast and efficient. Thank you”

Jicé25 14-05-2020

“I forced the program to close because Photoshop crashed. As a result, I received a damaged .PSD file with an error that the version of the Photoshop file is not compatible with this version of Photoshop. The service helped me repair my damaged project, but it took longer. File size ~ 700MB.”

Abattoir 05-05-2020

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