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How to repair Corel Draw file online?

This service will come in especially handy for those who want to know how to repair Corel Draw file online. You will no longer need to install and launch anything on your PC, since you now know how to recover Corel Draw corrupt file online. The entire recovery process takes place entirely in your browser.

Key features of this Corel Draw file repair online service:

  • Fast and reliable online recovery of damaged Corel DRAW files from any computer or mobile device;
  • Recovery of *.cdr files of any size;
  • Fixing of various types of structural corruption in CDR files;
  • Recovery of Corel DRAW files of any versions, including old ones;
  • A simple and intuitive Corel Draw damaged file recovery process - you don't need to know how to recover corrupted Corel Draw file data on a technical level;
  • Cheaper and faster than purchasing specialized desktop CorelDRAW recovery software for restoring .cdr files;
  • Recovery of faulty .cdr drawing files that don't have backup copies;
  • No need for a high-performance PC for data recovery, since the entire process takes place on a remote server.
coreldraw repair

How to repair Corel Draw file

Steps for repairing of damaged CorelDraw drawing (.cdr) file online:

  1. Select or drag&drop corrupted .cdr file of CorelDRAW
  2. Type your email address
  3. Download recovered .cdr file

Web-based CorelDRAW recovery software for quick recovery of your damaged files

This online CorelDRAW file recovery service uses a number of heuristic algorithms to extract the maximum of data and objects from corrupted CorelDRAW *.cdr files and save them to a new healthy file.

This online service can fix the following errors in CorelDRAW *.cdr files:

  • Error Reading CorelDRAW file.
  • Error Opening Graphics file.
  • Error Reading Suite file.
  • Valid work space path is not found.
  • I/O read error.
  • File FileName.cdr contains an invalid file ID.
  • The file is corrupted.
  • Out of memory.
  • Error reading a bitmap in file FileName.cdr.
  • Error Reading filename.cdr file.


this online service fixes CDR data by extracting them from a damaged file and then saving them to a new one.

“very nice”

Ashril77 09-02-2022

“I have always told colleagues that storing a bitmap in a vector .cdr file is a very bad idea. My words were subjected to your online service, where we received the repaired file. In the file, all vector graphics were in place, but the bitmaps contained noise.”

Gillian Howard 05-04-2021

“Thanks for rolling back my file for the old version of CorelDraw. Hello support, I am the client who wrote to you that CorelDraw doesnt open repaired file. The file only opened in version x5”

Bo Glass 16-03-2021

“My repaired .CDR file was not opened because this one was saved in a newer version of CorelDraw. Ask those. Support so that they send the file of the correct version.”

Discept SC 02-03-2021

“Processing of file was taken more than hour. This is probably the only negative. The quality of the repaired file is excellent, it was possible to return all the elements of the drawing.”

Emily Woo 16-02-2021

“Payment through the PayPro Global system is convenient, but one of the reasons that annoy me is that payment details do not come immediately. Thanks for the file, repaired as I wanted.”

Derrick Mccarty 03-02-2021

“At first CorelDraw showed an error that the .cdr file is not compatible with this version. After downloaded the CD update, it started showing another error: the file may be damaged. As it turned out, in fact, the file was really damaged, only after the fix it became available”

Jaziel Damian 20-01-2021

“Did you have an offline program? How many I repaired here, I did not seem to see the download button.With the offline version, you made my job easier, since I had 3 damaged .CDR files larger than 2GB.Fixed them at once, thanks”

Zaire Alaric 23-12-2020

“The program let me solved CorelDraw error while reading .cdr file. I felt so relieved when he opened up flawlessly”

Rhub Art 11-12-2020

“Damn guys, you came up with such a cool service and knew that .CDR files would be very large, so the recovery speed is slow. Only because they were able to restore my file I put 5. Horror, I waited a whole working day! Make a quick service”

Kasen Ricky 04-08-2020

“.CDR files getting corrupted after recovering them from a formatted hard drive. I downloaded three files at once, received one, and wait for the rest. Regarding the quality of restoration, I will say: not ideal, but tired, you can change the dimensions that have changed during the restoration process.”

Whatnot 21-07-2020

“Due to the deleted drawing of CorelDraw, I had to roll back the system. But this .CDR file now needs to be restored, because when you open the file, CorelDraw opens it as an unnamed document. Practically everything was restored, but everything was restored in a heap.”

Trammel 23-06-2020

“When I clicked on the "Save" button, an error message appeared related to the plugin, while CorelDraw was saving the file, it crashed. Now my .CDR file won't open. After recover, I get recovered file with changed parameters of some layers. Any way, my file was recovered about 80%”

Secreta 09-06-2020

“I could not save my CorelDraw document, and CorelDraw 13 closed automatically without any messages, as a result I received a damaged .CDR file. After downloading the damaged file, I saw that CorelDraw did not save my work, which I want to save. But I restored the .CDR file with the work that I did before saving.”

Forxt 14-04-2020

“Unable to open a CorelDraw file I just saved, it opens as a blank page or not opening at all. Why CorelDraw file did not open if it is saved correctly? Reinstall all CorelDraw package - still the same problem. I would delete it, but in the properties: width, height, file size, it matches the original well. In web, you have good price which I found and can recovery online without install program on computer.”

ZloiDoc 04-03-2020

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