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AutoCAD DWG recovery service for damaged AutoCAD drawing files

Online recovery of DWG corrupted files. Upload your damaged *.dwg file with graphics to our service and restore data from the file in several clicks.

Below is a list of features of this online AutoCAD DWG recovery service:

  • Complex data analysis using a combination of methods to find recoverable blocks of data in a damaged *.dwg file;
  • High speed of data analysis and search in damaged files;
  • Low cost per file recovery;
  • Ease of use and recovery - no need to know the technicalities of how to recover DWG file data;
  • Recovery of *.dwg files of all versions of AutoCAD starting from version 10;
  • Recovery of files containing compressed graphic objects;
  • Automatic detection of the version of the damaged file.
autocad repair

How to repair AutoCAD file

How to repair a damaged AutoCAD drawing (.dwg) file online:

  1. Select or drag&drop corrupted .dwg file
  2. Type email address
  3. Download fixed AutoCAD file

How to perform AutoCAD DWG repair online?

Just upload a damaged file to the service to perform an AutoCAD DWG fix online. The service will do everything automatically. Just a couple of clicks - and you have complete information about recoverable objects. Our AutoCAD DWG repair online tool does not require any software to be downloaded, installed and launched on your computer.

This DWG recover service helps fix the following errors occurring due to structural damage in *.dwg files:

  • Drawing file is not valid.
  • Internal Error.
  • Non Autodesk DWG.
  • File will not open.
  • File hangs or crashes AutoCAD.
  • Unexplained file size increase.
  • Display/regen problems.
  • Drawing elements missing.


  1. The service only recovers AutoCAD files of version 15 (AutoCAD 2000) and above. DWG files of older versions cannot be recovered;
  2. The online service does not support the recovery of password-protected files;
  3. The software cannot export recovered data into AutoCAD LT. OLE Automation is blocked in AutoCAD LT.

“The recovery funcion built into AutoCAD does not help in any way. Guys, can you suggest your solution for AutoCAD, because your software fixed my file. The speed of repair wishes for the best.”

Rayna Potts 06-04-2021

“Several elements of the drawing were deleted in the restored file, it is good that the texts and sizes of these elements remained. It was possible to restore the entire drawing after several changes.”

Jesus Mcpherson 17-03-2021

“I didn't even know that an unreadable AutoCAD file contains data that can still be recoverable. The technical support of the site was able to extract the drawing elements from my file using the softwre and create a drawing that does not differ from my original drawing.”

Aisa kizi kz 17-02-2021

“I was pleasantly surprised by the appearance of the drawing on the site, even without payment I was able to see the drawing of a .dwg document on the Mac book. It's a pity that the VAT came out a little more than I expected, thanks for the file.”

Sisyphean 03-02-2021

“I had to fix the AutoCAD file, because when AutoCAD is working it says "In your previous work session ..." and closes the project. The file works for 2 minutes, and then this error is repeated. Got the fixed file and got rid of this issue. Thank you”

Jesse Payne 21-01-2021

“If you're using other editors for .DWG files, then the file structure changes dramatically. What I advise you not to do! I ran into this problem: the size of the drawing increased threefold. Through the service, I was able to clean up unnecessary metadata and return it to a working state.”

Baker Hugh 24-12-2020

“I decided to download the offline version because I could not wait until my file is uploaded to the site (file ~ 2GB) And I advise everyone so, because you can save a lot of time, you can even just run it only in DEMO mode and check if the program can read file errors and fix them.”

Rescript 11-12-2020

“The condition for successful repair is to install the program on your computer as required on your website. So I did, but the problem with the damaged file was only partially solved. The file fixed 80%, while I noticed that the elements of the picture moved”

Keilani Hunter 10-08-2020

“I have a .DWG file that I always need to recover. AutoCAD allows this behavior, as they write on the forum, but forgive us what to do in this case? I uploaded the file here and forgot about it as the repair process stuck. Only after check my mail, I saw a notification about the correction of my file. It is difficult to say that the file was repaired in good condition, as some lines in the drawing changed directions, it is easy to fix, but some line were not restored. Based on the AutoCAD forum, I put 5 stars, since they allow the removal of damaged elements in the drawing.””

ArchiConsilience 23-07-2020

“I am very glad that I was able to recover an non valid AutoCAD 2000i file. Due to the fact that the boss is a greedy person, you have to use the old version of AutoCAD with its problems.”

HoiPolloi 08-07-2020

“When I opened the AutoCAD 2005 file with AutoCAD 2019, the first thing that showed was a window with the Recover button. Even after the recovery mode, the file did not open, AutoCAD again showed this window. In the version of AutoCAD 2005 it is now also impossible to open this file, I even bring up the Recovery Toolbar. I uploaded the file to this site, received a fixed version, which opens only in AutoCAD 2005, in AutoCAD 2019 it again shows an error, I had to redraw everything to the new version”

Stirkfung123 24-06-2020

“Suddenly, my .DWG file, which was transferred to another computer through a removable device, began to show errors when opening. The program runs so slowly that my drawing recovered to a stable previous version in about 4 hours !!!”

Boondoggle 11-06-2020

“When I open file in AutoCAD 2006 appears window "The drawing file requires recovery" and after press "Recover" button, its crashes and close program. Other files open successfully. In demo version of your program I could see recovered drawing, but can you guaranties that properties also will recovered correctly? My .DWG file contains many shapes.”

BlugSpension 01-04-2020

“In AutoCAD 2010, the "Must re_cover" error appears, after fixing it using the AutoCAD native tool, I see the drawing for several seconds, and the drawing disappears with the same error. I was able to return the file to the previous version of .DWG, but some sizes of the objects in the drawing were changed. I had to re-drive dimensions for some objects. +recovered; -some object's size changed”

TrickyGood 01-03-2020

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