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Online recovery of damaged files and documents

An online service for recovering corrupted documents and files of the following types:

repair access
repair autocad
repair coreldraw
repair dbf
repair excel
repair illustrator
repair photoshop
repair project
repair outlook express
repair pdf
repair powerpoint
repair word

“File partially repaired (8 pages out of 12), I would have preferred the whole document but it's better than nothing. I still recommend”

willem 06-03-2023


mwahba 05-03-2023

“Cracking service. I spent hours trying to recover an important word document after a software upgrade corrupted it. Nothing worked. Until I found this service. Uploaded my corrupt file. Within 60 seconds, I could see a clear preview. Paid just over £10 UK and within 2 minutes I was sent a link to download my freshly cleaned file. Worked seamlessly. Hugely recommended. ”

John from Lincoln 24-01-2023


laxman 10-01-2023

“after equipment shutdown or power failure”

gelman v 25-11-2022


hello 23-10-2022

“Hi My computer has been formatted and I use recovery software like disk drill to reocver the files. I got the files but are corrupted and I got this message (Excel cannot open the file because the file format or extension is not valid. Vertify that the file has not been corrupted and that the file extension matches the format of the file).”

Afaf.Mutaghawi 15-10-2022


Jami 05-10-2022

“An Excel file was damaged due to a power outage. Only a small part was recovered. The same part that could be recovered from the Excel application (open and repair).”

María José 01-10-2022

“One of the worksheet in an excel file was too slow and leading to shutdown of excel. It was frustrating ....... I got it repaired here within seconds, and I am so happy . Thanks a ton guys for your smooth , efficient and reliable service ! ”

Shreeniwas 11-09-2022


t.vli 27-08-2022

“very fast and good for ppt repair”

keshav Gupta 21-08-2022

“good and fast ”

keshav gupta 21-08-2022

“Kudos to the creator because even Excel said my workbook was beyond repair. I'm not going to say it saved my life but still!!! Just a small point it would be even better if one received the repaired file immediately after payment. THANK YOU AGAIN”

Daly 17-06-2022

“Thank you”

Prometeo 17-06-2022


vincent 14-06-2022

“got back all essential data, (xlsx), adding formulas was just a piece of cake. I appreciate possibility to pay for a single file, no need to buy a subscription. Recommended.”

chazl 02-05-2022

“Meri file shi kar di ”

Ramchandra 26-04-2022


Ted 22-04-2022


daiana 20-04-2022

“very good”

BT Vaja 19-04-2022


testb 10-04-2022

“I appreciate that the site is free and easy but it failed on 2 images and 6 documents. No success at all”

DGH 09-04-2022


CAMILA 31-03-2022


Jane 30-03-2022


Rochat 28-03-2022

“great, amazing ”

Dira 26-03-2022

“worked great.. saved me a lot of time...well worth it!”

DAVEF 14-03-2022

“cool site”

оуоу 13-03-2022


manish 13-03-2022

“5 Stars”

D 11-03-2022


pedro 11-03-2022


Jan 25-02-2022

“Excellent..Precise and fast.Without fringes or fissures.I highly recommend.Greetings”

FULLCEMENTO 17-02-2022

“very nice”

Ashril77 09-02-2022

“Great !!! ”

Polo 08-02-2022


med sbai 06-02-2022


cris 02-02-2022

“ok it helped me”

goleiro 28-01-2022

“Good quality Word file recovery. Reasonable price”

Boris Godin 26-01-2022

“thank you”

joe 23-01-2022

“wow amazin”

brad 22-01-2022

“let it be good”

Jaume Miarnau Filella 14-01-2022

“that Nice”

SetyaFani 08-01-2022


mohan 08-01-2022

“Not bad, I must say, I wanted to get the Wilhelm screams but 2 screams had some distortion.”

Speeder 07-01-2022

“I haven't tried it yet”

Koko 07-01-2022


arooooo 31-12-2021

“At first i thought it would be one of those scam sites but after paying and downloading the recovered file, im very happy it worked :)”

Rybex 25-12-2021


AMBER 20-12-2021

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